LODGING, BUREAUCRATIC GUIDANCE, ENTERTAINMENT - Teresa and Francesco Sausa, here with children Guiseppe and XXX Il Mulino - where the couples stayed, provided by Francesco and Mario Sausa Mario Sausa, at the Sausa supermarket Lipuma brothers and Francesco Sausa outside the Sausa supermarket (Feb 2007) DINNER - Luigi XXX at Giardino Donna Lavia (Sept 2006)
Karin and Chiara XX Luigi at the day of the wedding XX, the Giardino Donna Lavia donkey Giardino Donna Lavia Donna Lavia
ORGANISATION - Sebastiano, Francesco's brother (Sept 2006) Sebastiano (Feb 2007) Sebastiano at Gasparino's bar Cristallo (Feb 2007) Sebastiano and Francesco (Feb 2007) COCKTAIL and WEDDING CAKE - Pino Agliata at Pasticceria al Castello
Pino with Francesco and Sebastiano (Feb 2007) Pino with the famous 'sfoglio' cake (Aug 2007) FLOWERS - Maria XX Maria Xx 2 Maria's shop
MAKE-UP - Antonella Antonella with daughter HAIR - XXX BUS TRANSPORTS - Toto Toto with Agaton
Toto with Agaton and Edgar poolside Toto (1) Toto with XXX poolside Toto (2) poolside Toto (3)
downtown Toto (feb 2007)